571 - Comparison of Areas

Comparison of Areas

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

You are given three values:

1) the radius of a circle (r);

2) the height of a triangle (h); and

3) the base of that triangle (b).


You are to determine which shape is larger in area, the circle or the triangle.


[Note: You may assume that the areas of the two shapes will be different.]


The Input

The input start with a positive integer number T (0<T<101) which denoted the number of test cases. Each test case contain three positive integer numbers r, h, and b (0<r, h, b<100).

[Note: you may assume that pi = 3.1416 ]


The Output

For each test case you need to print a line. The line can be

Case X: The circle is larger.” if circle is larger than triangle


Case X: The triangle is larger.” if triangle is larger than circle

Here X is the case number starting from 1 to T.


Sample Input


2 4 3

4 9 13


Sample Output

Case 1: The circle is larger.

Case 2: The triangle is larger.

Problem Setter: Shahin ShamS