433 - Tennis Tournament

Tennis Tournament

Time Limit: 0.5 sec


The Problem

Mr. Rifat is Vice-president of ITC (International Tennis Council). He wants to arrange a worldwide tennis tournament. There is no group stage in this tournament and all match will be played knockout system (The player loss will eliminate).



It’s time for making fixture. First he need to calculate number of match will have. But he has not enough time for calculating. So he ask you for write a program for calculate the number of match if N player participate in the tournament. 


The Input

First line contains one integer T denotes the number of test case.

Then the following T (1<=T<=1000) lines contains an integer N (2<=N<=10^18) number of participants (N must be represented as 2^x where x=1, 2, 3….).


The Output

For each case, print the case number and number of match need to arrange.


Sample Input





Sample Output

Case 1: 1

Case 2: 3





Problem Setter: Murad Al Wajed [Bangladesh University of Business and Technology]