324 - Marriage Cost

Marriage Cost

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Mr. S works in a Software Company. Per month he earns M Taka. He spends P% of his salary. Rest of this he can save. Now he wants to get married. Before getting married he wants to calculate how much money he needs to save and how long its goanna take for his getting married.

First of all he needs a flat of 3 bedrooms. Apart of this he needs to buy bed, almirah, dressing table, ware drop. And above all lot of money need for marriage ceremony. All of this he budgets X, Y and Z Taka sequentially.

You can help Mr. S by calculating total cost of his marriage, how much he can save in one month and how many months he is goanna need to save the cost of marriage.



The Input

Input file contains a series of line. Each line contains four floating numbers and a single integer number. They are Salary of Mr. S, M (M<=1000000) and percentage he spends, P (P<=100) and the budgets X (X <= 100000), Y (Y <= 100000), Z (Z <= 100000). Input is terminated by EOF.


The Output

For each line of input output will print the total cost, C and monthly save, S and Minimum Time, T in separate lines. All of them are rounded to 2 decimal points.

* You have to take ceiling value for Months.


Sample Input

50000.75 98% 13254.25 50000.32 565656.23

10000.00 21% 32000.00 123456.25 124.36


Sample Output

Monthly Save = 1000.02

Total Cost = 628910.80

Minimum Time = 629 Months


Monthly Save = 7900.00

Total Cost = 155580.61

Minimum Time = 20 Months





Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed

Special Thanks To: Shahin ShamS