316 - Thirteens Powering

Thirteens Powering

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Mr. Thirteen is learning powering numbers in a very interesting way.

He has 4 steps for powering a number.


Step 1Adding the number, N with itself.

Step 2:  Then Divide the result by 13. Take three decimal points

Step 3:  Then Add 13 with the result.

Step 4:  Then Power the value with M.


The Input

Input file contains a series of line. Each line contains two integer numbers N (N<100) and M (M<=9). Input is terminated by EOF


The Output

For each line of input output will show the result, rounded to 3 decimal points in a separate line.


Sample Input

41 7

88 6

100 0


Sample Output








Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed