253 - Group Distribution

Group Distribution

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

A Concert is going on. N numbers Men are attending in the Concert. M numbers Group will be made. Men are equally divided in the Groups. Selected Group No will be given. You have to find the Starting number and Ending number of the selected Group.




Number of people attending = 30

Total Group = 6

Starting number of Group Number 3  = 11

Ending number of Group Number 3 = 15


The Input

The input file contains three integer numbers Total number of People attending, N (N<=100), N should be divisible by 10 and M. Total Groups M (M <=20) and the selected Group No. T (T<=M)


The Output

The output will show the number of Starting number and Ending number in a separate line. There is a space between Starting number and Ending number.


Sample Input

30 6 3


Sample Output

11 15





Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed

Special Thanks to : AKM Sadi