248 - Tina's Profit

Tina's Profit

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Trina is in Class 10 now. She is Very good at mathematics. She got 10000 Taka from PrizeBond Lottery. She has gone to a bank to Deposit the Money for few years. The Bank Manager told her that, she will get  simple profit(I) annually from the acount where she will deposit a fixed amount of money In a given rate of interest. Manager told her in her bank the interest rate is 5%. She wish to deposit 10000 taka which she got from prizebond for next 6 years. Trina read the law of finding simple profit from her math book. She easily can determine the simple profit against her deposit for 6 years. Can you?



The Input

The input will 3 integer which are Main Principle(depossit) amount P < 20000, Number of year n < 15 , rate of Interest r <10 .


The Output

For each line of output you have to print the profit rounded to 2 decimal points.


Sample Input

10000 6 5


Sample Output






Problem Setter: Debraj