238 - Chestnuts


Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Priyonti, Priyom, and Odry were picking chestnuts from Orchard. Priyonti picked twice as much chestnuts than Priyom. Odry picked N kg more than Priyom. Together the three of them picked S kg of chestnuts. How many kilograms did each of them pick?



The Input

There will be two input in each line (S<1000) and (N<100).


The Output

You have to print the amount of Priyonti , Priyom and Odry's chestnuts in separate lines.


Sample Input

892 12


Sample Output

Priyom: 220Kg.

Priyonti: 440Kg.

Odry: 232Kg.






Problem Setter: Parag Paul