233 - Easiest Equation V.2

Easiest Equation V.2

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Today Mr. Number gets another problem for his students. He eagerly wants to know either they can solve it or not.   


“Suppose X is a variable and you have four different equations related with X.  In every equation X is add with 4 different variables l, m, n, and o such as (x + l) or (x+ m). Your work is to find the value of x and four variables l, m, n, o.”



The Input

The input file contains five integer numbers first four is the addition of X and four different variables l (x + l <= 100), m (x + m <= 100), n (x+ n <= 100), o (x + o <= 100) and the last integer is the summation, S of four variables l, m, n, o. (s<=100)


The Output

Output will show values of X and four variables l, m, n, o of the equations in separate lines.


Sample Input

12 32 34 67 78


Sample Output

x = 16

l = -4

m = 16

n = 18

o = 51





Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed