216 - Motu Patlu Returns

Motu Patlu Returns

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Motu and Patlu has a  food shop. This days their shop is making enough revenue. Motu's share is 2 time greater than Patlu's share. So while distributing the money Motu always gets double money than Patlu. So now as Motu and Patlu are very weak in math they need your help. So now write a program to find out Motu's amount and Patlu's amount from the total money.



The Input

The input will be a integer number (a<30,000) denoting the total money. (The total amount will be a number which is always distributable according to the above description so You need not think about fractions.)


The Output

For each input you have to show the Motu's money and Patlu's money which is separated by space in a separate line.


Sample Input



Sample Output

6248 3124





Problem Setter: Parag Paul