201 - Motu and Patlu

Motu and Patlu

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Mr.  Rahim is a rich man. He has many Orange gardens. Now it is the time to harvestHe has two very faithful servants named “Motu" and "Patlu”. So he ordered them to collect the oranges. Both go to gardens separately and collect oranges, whole day and returns at evening. But Mr. Rahim is very weak at Math. Now your job is to write a program by which Mr. Rahim can easily find the amount of oranges Motu and Patlu collected together.



The Input

Input will consist of two number a and b denoting the amount of Motu’s orange and Patlu’s orange and they are not greater than 1000.


The Output

Output will show the total amount of orange collected by Motu and Patlu in a separate line.


Sample Input

 440 200


Sample Output






Problem Setter: Parag Paul