200 - Can you type it (II)??

Can you type it (II)??

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Okay Audry is going great with her programming practice. Now she is challanging her elder brother Avro . Avro is also brilliant but he is too idle and freaky kind of guy. Audry gave Avro a problem to solve.


Audrys Problem

"The program will take two integers as input and will show the the sum of those two number as output in a seperate line"


Although Avro solved the problem in paper but as he is too idle and he is not willing to write the code in the editor. Now he needs your help. As you love programming he is quite sure that you will help him by typing the code. Will you ??


The code is 



The Input

Input will be two integer numbers (num1,num2<100) in each line.


The Output

The output will show the sum of those two given numbers in a seperate line.


Sample Input

10 12 


Sample Output






Problem Setter: Parag Paul