127 - Victory Day

Victory Day

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Proma, Rimi and Monisha made X flags to decorate the school on Victory Day. It was found that Proma had made X1 more flags than Rimi, again Monisha had X2 more flags than Proma. How many flags did each one of them make ?



if X = 100, X1 = 10, and X2 = 5 then

Proma 35, Rimi 25, Monisha 40

The Input

The input file contains only 3 integer numbers X, X1, and X2 (X, X1, X2 < 1000).


The Output

Output will show the 3 integer numbers which is the flags of Proma, Rimi and Monisha in a separate line.


Sample Input

100 10 5


Sample Output

Proma 35, Rimi 25, Monisha 40





Problem Setter: Shahin ShamS