103 - Mina and Rina

Mina and Rina

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Mina and Rina together have X taka. Mina has Y taka more than Rina. What amount of money does Mina and Rina each have.



if X = 7532, and Y = 560 then

Mina has 4046 taka and Rina has 3486 taka.




The Input

The input file contains only 2 integer numbers and Y (X<=10000 and Y<4000).


The Output

Output will show the two integer numbers first one is Mina's and second one is Rina's taka which is seperate by space in a separate line.


Sample Input

7532 560


Sample Output

4046 3486





Problem Setter: Shahin ShamS