10156 - Omar Boi Ghor

Omar Boi Ghor

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Omar Boi Ghor is a popular book shop in Chattogram for old books. Shawon is my little brother. He is reading in class IX now. He goes to this book shop for buy a book. If the original book price is P taka and discount is D taka. Can you please help Shawon to calculate how much taka he need to pay?



If original book price P = 220 taka and discount D = 70 taka  then

He needs to pay 150 taka.


The Input

The input file contains only two integer numbers P (100=<P<=1000) and D (0=<D<=300). Here P is the original book price and D is the discount.


The Output

Output will only one integer number which is the amount Shawon need to pay.


Sample Input

220 70


Sample Output





Inter University Programming Contest(II) - 2018 [BGC Trust University Bangladesh]

Problem Setter: Shahin ShamS