10108 - Independence Day

Independence Day

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Little girl Sarika has started to learn C programming from the 15 March, 2017. Everyone usually prints “Hello World” in his first C Program, but Sarika didn’t. She thought “March is the most important month for us, because the 26 March is our Independence Day”. So she printed the date of Independence Day in her first C program. I think every Bangladeshi should realize that.

Here is the Sarika’s first C program


Can you please type this program in your computer ?


The Input

In this problem, there is no input


The Output

Print the message "26th March - Independence Day of Bangladesh"



26th March - Independence Day of Bangladesh




[School, College & University Level]

Inter School & College Programming Contest (ISCPC) 2017

Problem Setter: Shahin ShamS