10025 - SMS


Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

ShamS and Sadia love each others. ShamS sends sms to Sadia. But her father checks her cell phone. So ShamS sends sms to Sadia by adding some extra letter for avoiding unwanted situation. Sadia reads the message after dropping those letters.


For example, If Shams sends “lomvned”, from that word by dropping bold letters Sadia get “love” which was original.


In this problem you are given two words Word1 and Word2. Word1 is the encoded and word2 is the exact word which ShamS wants to send. You have to find either it’s possible to make word2 from word1 or not by dropping some letters.


The Input

There are several lines of input in the input file. Each line contains two words Word1 and Word2, separated by a blank space. Input is terminated by EOF.


The Output

For each line of input you have to print either “Possible” or “Impossible” in a line.  If it is possible to make Word2 from Word1 then print “Possible” otherwise print “Impossible”.


Sample Input

cealllmmee callme

howareyou iloveyou

lomvned love


Sample Output







Online Mock Contest 2016

Problem Setter: Md. Helal Uddin