10009 - CNG Costing

CNG Costing

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

Rashed hires a taxi from Hatajari to Agrabad. But taxi driver demands too much fare. Then Rashed tells him “I will pay you as the Government prescribed Fare Rules.” Taxi Driver agreed. Rashed knows that 1km fare is N taka. Total distance is D. If taxi waits in jam, it demands 1 taka per minute.

And fare can never be less than 50.


The Input

The input file contains several lines. Each line contains 3 integer values N (0 < N <= 100), D (0 < D <= 100), and K (0 <= K <= 9) denoted taka per kilometer, total distance and waiting time in jam in hour respectively. Input is terminated by end of file (EOF).


The Output

For each line of input, the output will show the total fare in a separate line.


Sample Input

30 6 2

10 1 0


Sample Output

300 taka

50 taka




[College Level]

Inter School & College Programming Contest (ISCPC) 2015 

Problem Setter: Md. Rasel Ahmed