350 - Betting


Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

A horse race is going on. You can bet N taka for your favorite candidate. If he wins you will get the money k times higher. But if he lose you have to paid double of the money you suppose to get if he were win.

But as you know the person you are betting can cheat you so you have to calculate the amount of money by writing a simple program.



The Input

The input file contains several lines. Each line contains three integer. The first two numbers are the money you bet, N (N <= 100000) and the range it increase K (K <= 10) and the last number will denote either the racer wins or not. If it “0” it means he lost and if it “1” its mean he wins. Input is terminated by end of file (EOF).


The Output

For each line of input the output will print the money you win or lose by in a separate line.


Sample Input

1000 5 1

1000 5 0


Sample Output

5000 taka wins

10000 taka lose





Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed