344 - Love or War

Love or War

Time Limit: 1 sec


The Problem

A war is going on. A message is conveyed to soldiers. “Drop your weapons and take love there will be no enemies to fight with”. By getting this message some of soldiers agree with it and some are not.  

If the number of agreed soldiers is larger than disagreed soldiers the war will stop.





The Input

The input file contains a series of line. Each line contains two integer numbers total number of soldiers, N (N<=10000) and the number of agreed soldiers X (X<=10000). Input is terminated by EOF


The Output

For each line of input the output will print “The war is stop” if the war stop or “The war is going on” if the war doesn’t stop


Sample Input

1000 100

1000 900


Sample Output

The war is going on.

The war is stop.






Problem Setter: Samia Safa Ahmed